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...with Cover by Bethalynne Bajema, Forewords by Steven Archer (of Ego Likeness) and Samantha Stephenson (of Frenchy and the Punk), also with added notes from Voltaire, Veronique Chevalier, Andy Heintz (TMTWNBBFN), Paul Devine (Niceville, Siiiii), Joshua Pfeiffer (Vernian Process), John Strangeway (Steampunk Boba Fett), Brigid Ashwood (artist and Geekmom Blogger), and Robert Brown (Abney Park).

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Flight of the Nephilim

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Digital painting. 16x20 inches at 400 DPI - many layers of swirling spirits in clouds and smoke, airships, buildings, and the main figure - each element decorated intensely with glyphs and scripts down to near-microscopic detail in each inch of the painting.

Tonight, September 10: RUIN Hollywood - The Night Gallery at the Monte Cristo in L.A.

Tonight - September 10 - Celebrate the magic of beautiful art within RUIN Hollywood, presented by LADEAD™: Los Angeles Darkside within the darkly enticing Monte Cristo in Los Angeles: 10:00 p.m. - 2:30 a.m.

This evening marks the return of The Night Gallery, our monthly artists' reception, curated by K. Howell on the Patio. The Night Gallery features some of L.A.'s most talented artists:
Julio Orta - Video & Collage -
Fedrick Faith - Painting, Film, Costume -
Chris Martin - Acrylic -
illuminai - T-shirts -
Yxtabay Designs - Jewelry -
Cam Mord Sith - Drawing, Digital -
MyDaniMonster - Jewelry -
SayntMykl - Photography -
Angelina Cardone - Multimedia -
Paul Koudounaris - Photography -

The most exquisite in darkwave, trip hop, dark indie, dark 80s and 90s, tribal, world fusion, dreampop, ethereal, neoclassical, synthpop, downtempo, goth, and avant garde music will be played by DJ Xian and DJ Baron. Within The Parlour, the lovely Marriah presides over an exquisite evening of fetish and erotica.

This is a very special weekend - 10% of this evening's proceeds will be donated to Twin Towers Orphan Fund, a charity for the education and welfare of children orphaned by 9/11:

Additionally, there will be free entry all night for public servants: firefighters, police officers, military personnel, National Guard, and teachers. Please show relevant I.D./badge/license at the door.

See you there - in dark, elegant attire...

RUIN Hollywood and The Night Gallery at the Monte Cristo
3100 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(just east of the Metro Redline station at Wilshire Blvd. and Vermont Ave.)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

$5 entry with RSVP before 10:30 p.m.
Must RSVP "Attending" by 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, 9/10
RSVP Facebook:

For more information:
LADEAD™: Los Angeles Darkside

Фото-вечеринка Pin-up, Рокабилли, Бурлеск. СПБ.

Самая оригинальная фото-вечеринка пройдет в Петербурге !)
Группа организатор:
Заявки на участие моделям оставляем по данной ссылке

■ Дата: 09.07.11 (суббота)

■ Время: "Ночь" с 23.00 и до утра!

■Стоимость : 2000р. (предоплата 50%)

■ Место: Казанская, 7 (ст. метро невский проспект) Фотостудия

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2008 party james curcio

Solipsistic Nation: Karsh Kale, Ogre (Ohgr Skinny Puppy), Tim Skold (Manson KMFDM), Hoodoo Engine

From Solipsistic Nation:

In the last couple of weeks I learned that Karsh Kale, Tim Sköld, Nivek Ogre and HoodooEngine had released or were about to release new albums. I dig them all so I do what I do sent out the emails and made the phone calls. There were other musicians, labels and festivals I wanted to feature on the show as well but they didn’t happen due to availability and time constraints and before I knew it, this week’s show had been distilled into a gem of greatness.

I discovered Karsh Kale right about the same time I discovered the Asian Massive (or Asian Underground) scene. Over the years I watched the careers of Karsh Kale, Asian Dub Foundation and others grow over the years and it’s a wonder that I haven’t had someone like Karsh on the show earlier. Karsh has released six albums and recorded and performed with everyone from Zakir Hussain to Yoko Ono. Karsh’s latest album,Cinema, is his most ambitious album to date. It’s big, bold and melodramatic, and Karsh’s experience scoring films has had an impact on the scope of Cinema.

Tim Sköld was another surprise! Before I knew it, one night after work I found myself in front of a microphone talking to Tim about his long career, from his rock roots in bands like Kingpin and Shotgun Messiah and then later playing with the likes of KMFDM and Marilyn Manson. Tim also released a solo album back in 1996 and 15 years later he’s followed it up with Anomie, due out May 10th. Tim was great to talk with and I found that he’s as much an agent provocateur in person as he is in his music. I also had some great questions to ask him from folks like Jeremy and Royb0t from Twitter and Facebook.

Ogre’s is set to release a second album with ohGr called unDeveloped that also due to be released May 10th. Ogre and Skinny Puppy have scored the post apocalyptic soundtrack to our lives for nearly 30 years. While Skinny Puppy was my introduction into industrial music, there’s industrial music and then there’s Skinny Puppy. They’re in their own category and to call them industrial is kind of limiting. I was curious to see what directions Ogre would explore through ohGr and to be honest, I didn’t like unDeveloped at first. As Ogre mentions during our chat, people rarely give music full attention because they’re usually multitasking while they’re listening to music. I was doing the same thing with unDeveloped but one night while I was going out for a run I listened to unDeveloped and without being aware of it I found myself lost in the album and now I think it’s one of my favorite album of 2011.

Once I finally realized that Tim and Ogre were going to be guests on this week’s show I knew I had to include Hoodoo Engine. I’ve wanted to play tracks from their EgoWhore album since it was released in 2010 but it was just one of those scheduling things. Hoodoo Engine would be perfect for today’s show and to top it off, they’re gearing up to release their new album, Murder the World, and it’s more wretched and evil than EgoWhore, if such a thing is even possible. The core of Hoodoo Engine is Marz233, James Curcio and Johann Ess. Just to be above board, both James and I are on the Alterati Network, but I’ve known James long before Alterati when I interviewed him about his book, Join My Cult. While you anxiously wait for the release of Murder the World you can watch Clark, a gonzo mockumentary reality show art film surrounding the struggles of an independent artist in a capitalist world. 

Hoodoo Engine Primary Members

(Not pictured: Iron Will, Scott Landes, & The Illuminist)
Oh, special thanks to tricil for providing the incidental music during my interviews with Tim and Hoodoo Engine. While I was putting together today’s show I realized that I didn’t have any instrumental music from either of them and went on Twitter and asked if anyone had some tracks I could use for music beds. tricil stepped responded in minutes and generously let me use his tracks “rcc3″ and “conserve destroy.” There are links to download those two tracks below.

(Direct download


Reign in Purple

There was no real reason behind this piece other than that I had an unpainted piece of wood and needed a three-day break from the commissioned stuff (I used 60 hours of which for this one).

Dropping my standard luminist style for this one, and though it is cartoony and simple, I still went pretty deep into the detail, painting many scales, variegated petals, and whatnot. Oddly enough, I found that it was the large areas of solid colors, and keeping the piece smooth and free of brushstrokes which sapped the most time.

Zooms and details available here:

Steampulp Baba Yaga

"The Magic Hut"

I've been dying to do a Baba-Yaga themed piece for some time now. I could probably do ten more and still not cover all of her faces or personalities.

This one I took a heavy-mechanical and clunky tentacle whipping approach - with the hut trampling trees and tearing the earth and road below on its rampage into a sleepy town

Product page Here

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 2009

This is old fashion news now perhaps, but the video can still strike a mood: futuristic, retro avant-garde, with a touch of fetish. Or maybe I just like models with black boxes on their heads...

Launched in tandem with Gareth Pugh's show during Paris Fashion Week, this film created in collaboration with Ruth Hogben, showcases the designer's Autmn/Winter 2009 collection.
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