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Ars Gothica

~ Fine Art & Artisan Crafts in the Gothic Subculture ~

Gothic Fine Art
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Fine Art & Artisan Crafts in the Gothic Subculture

Ars Gothica is a forum for primarily VISUAL ARTISTS (amateur and professional) working in the Gothic genre who wish to display and discuss their artwork. Be spooky, be weird, be cheesy, or be serious. Hey, if you don't flaunt your talents, who will?

COMMUNITY GUIDELINES: [Last updated February 2, 2011]

* Spamming Is Pointless. Promoting a group, event, website, shop, blog or anything else that is not even remotely "dark art" related is futile. All posts require the moderators' approval so it will be rejected before anyone else sees it.

* Post On-Theme. Post painting, photography, video, sculpture, collage, animation, fashion design, make-up artistry, drawing, artisan crafts, interior design, illustrations, digital art, etc., but keep content within our theme. If the work is not 100% yours, you must give credit to the creators in your post. You may also post exhibition announcements, calls for submissions, model searches, etc.

* Do not post webcam photos, quizzes, horoscopes, LOLcat pics, or anything else that looks like it belongs on MySpace.

* Sales Posts Welcome Monthly. NO AUCTIONS. Sales advertisements for your work are welcome once a month, with some effort put into them (not just a picture with your shop/band/etc. name on it, give us some written commentary/description!). If you post regularly, please vary your content so that it is not the exact same post merely repeated. Ads for mass-produced items or media (e.g. t-shirts, iPhone cases, download sites, etc.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

* Image Size. Image should be 600x600 pixels or smaller at 72dpi so it doesn't hog the screen and take forever to load. Put any additional images after the first one behind an lj-cut tag. Images behind cut tags may be larger and/or higher resolution.

* Mature content must be put behind a cut tag. Concerning violence, nudity, etc.: some people view this blog while at work, school, or in front of the kids, so use an lj-cut tag. Just to be on the safe side, members may wish to use a friends filter when viewing your friends page just in case a NWS ("not work safe") image from our group slips through.

* Participation not required, but encouraged. Critique and constructive feedback are welcome. We insist that members take a mature approach to criticism and avoid strictly personal comments ("I think that's ugly, you suck" remarks are immature and pointless). Honest, constructive, intelligent input is expected (aren't you sick of everyone smiling blandly at your work and saying "Uh, that's nice, it's very...interesting..."?), so being highly defensive and thin-skinned is not an advantage here.

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